Architectural Control Board

The Architectural Control Board (ACB) function is to promulgate design guidelines for Riverview Townhomes, review all development within Riverview, and enforce the guidelines during approved alterations, including architectural and landscape improvements. The ACB is composed of Riverview volunteer residents. They follow the guidelines set forth by the Riverview CC&Rs, Amendments, and Bylaws. You can click on this link to go to page to obtain the Alteration Application form. This form should be printed, completed, and submitted to the address on the form. The ACB has up to 14 business days to respond to a request. 

No additions or alterations are allowed to a townhome unit externally such as doors, shrubs, windows, landscaping, lights, rear deck enclosures, storm doors, painting, and satellite dishes without the approval of the ACB. Satellite Dish request approval timeframe is 2 business days.

The goal is to preserve and protect property values and quality of life in Riverview by managing appearance, condition, and use of land, building, landscape, and other improvements within the community. 

Written approval for any referenced architectural alteration is need by the committee prior to performing any work. Failure to receive prior written approval may be considered a Covenant violation and applicable fines may be levied for the removal of the change or addition.

For Exterior Do It Yourself installations the following policies are applicable: 

  • Inspected by ACB to ensure proper working condition and no damage to structure
  • All damage to structure must be repaired ASAP by licensed contractor
  • If install deemed not up to Community CC&Rs, owner/resident must have licensed/insured contractor perform work
  • HOA may require all repairs to be performed at owner's cost
Satellite Dish installations must be approved by the HOA prior to installation. A dish may not be placed on a pole in front of any townhome unit or Common Area space.

No landscaping change can be made without an approved Architectural Application (AA) being submitted and approved. Prohibited changes: no landscaping stones maybe placed, no trees may be planted, no decorative fencing, no stone or plastic edging of any type, no flowers of any kind planted.
Shrubs/bushes may be replaced, but an AA must be submitted and Approved. Commonly found shrubs/bushes in the community are those that will most likely be considered for approval based on their requested location. Follow this link to view list of shrubs.

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